Electric Cars are the Future

I expect them to dominate German streets until 2060

Martin Thoma
9 min readMay 30, 2024
Illustration of an electric car created by Martin Thoma via Bing Image Creator.

I keep reading and hearing rants by older people about electric cars or battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in general. They prefer their petrol / diesel cars which I’ll abbreviate with ICE — Internal Combustion Engine.

This article lists all of the reasons why I believe that we will see a gradual increase in the percentage of electric vehicles until they completely dominate the market by more than 90% of all cars on the streets in Germany until 2060.

Why 2060? Because legally no new ICE cars can be sold after 2035 in the EU and I would guess it takes about 25 years until the existing cars get replaced.

Electric Cars are Cheaper 💸

The cost of operation is lower because the engines are way more efficient. An BEV needs 97–198 Wh/km (source) whereas the 2024 VW Arteon needs 4 gallons / 100 miles (9.4 L/100 km, source). I currently pay 0.26 €/kWh or 1.63 €/L gas in Germany. Meaning, the Tesla 3 is 0.025 €/km and the VW Arteon is 0.15 €/km. In other words, an BEV can drive 600 miles for the price of 100 miles of an ICE.

Additionally, the taxes for owning an BEV are lower and insurance is about 25% cheaper, because there are less damages (source).



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