A Guide for First-Time Flyers

You’re the first time on an airplane? Here is what you need to know

Martin Thoma
6 min readMay 20, 2024
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International flights and airports can be incredibly confusing. If it’s in another country and the flight is expensive, you might be stressed quite a bit as well. Here is information for first-time flyers.

The process

  1. Preparation: Make sure you are allowed to enter the country you want to visit. That means you need a passport that is still / long enough valid, potentially a visa, sometimes vaccination, and proof of it.
  2. Booking: Finding the proper flight is tedious. I’ll share some information about that later.
  3. Online Check-in: 24 hours to about 6 hours before the departure of the first plane, you can tell the airline that you still want to use the flight that you already paid for. Then you can also choose your seat. Sometimes you only enter your passport number at this point.
  4. Baggage check-in: For international flights, you need to be at the airport and give them your luggage quite a bit before the flight. I am typically 3 hours before the flight at the airport.
  5. Security check: Airports have large areas that can only be visited by passengers. You need to say goodbye before going into the security check. This is where they…



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