Race conditions related to insufficient transaction isolation

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Improvements in type annotation, structural pattern matching, better error messages, and performance

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Type Annotations

Standards, functions, usage, terminology

PDF is sometimes called “digital paper”. That is only true sometimes. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

What it is, aspects to consider, and tools you can use

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Switching for a more efficient lightbulb for economic reasons

A rough estimation how much energy the four different types of lamps use to get a specific brightness. The old incandescent lamps are clearly the worst. Interestingly, LEDs get manufactured also for very low brightness lamps. This image was created by Martin Thoma. The light bulb images were created by Emoji One; Simon Eugster; Artoria2e5; Smalllikeart (Old, Halogen, CFL, LED)

So many things that can go wrong

Issues are a pretty general term which I also like to use as a super category of the rest. An error is a mistake. If the mistake reaches the user, it is a fault. The fault is the cause of a failure. It’s called defect if it’s found during development time, bug when it’s found while testing and failure when the user finds it. Image created by Martin Thoma.
  • An error is a mistake done by the programming error or the usage error. Not every mistake leads to follow-up issues.
  • A defect is an error found during the development phase whereas a bug is a…

Boost your productivity and make tests easier to reproduce

An overview of Insomnia. The StackExchange API was imported via this OpenAPI Specification as an example. The screenshot was taken by Martin Thoma.

Example of a HTTP request sent with HTTPie and the received response. Screenshot taken by Martin Thoma.

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Transactions, Blocks, Consensus, Protocols, and Networks

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Martin Thoma

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